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How many miles/how long does Slow Roll ride? 
We usually ride about 8-12 miles and at 8-10mph it takes us 1-1.5hrs

What do I need to do to bring?
Just a working bike and a good attitude. It is best to come prepared with an extra tube, helmet, lights, and water.

Are helmets required?
No, but they are more than encouraged; it’s just the safest way to ride a bike.

Do I have to obtain a membership?
Yes. To be an official participant of Slow Roll you must register as a member. You may register online or in person at any Slow Roll. If financial or other factors mean you need or want a free membership it’s yours – courtesy of our Patrons and sponsors who want to keep Slow Roll available to everyone.

Can I purchase multiple memberships for my family?
Yes, but each membership order must be placed individually and create separate accounts.

What about children/minors?
Anyone under 18 years old can ride for free with an adults membership. When choosing your membership you will be prompted to sign a waiver and if you need to add minors to your membership. If you would like to make additional donations for minors added to your membership, please use the DONATE link above.

Why is it called a subscription?
We try to make things easier on you, and us. Your membership will automatically be renewed each year and you will have plenty of notice before your membership is charged. You can also cancel at any time by logging into your account and choosing ‘manage subscriptions’.

Can I Upgrade or Change My Membership?
Yes. You can start a Basic or Patron level membership subscription at any time. You can make changes to your subscriptions by logging in to your account.

When is the next Slow Roll?

Where is the next meeting place or when is the next ride?
There are many places to get information from us, the schedule will have all rides within the next couple months. You can also follow our Facebook Page  Instagram or Twitter to get updated ride info.

What time does Slow Roll start?
Every Monday night we meet at 6:00pm and ride out at 7:00pm, start times move up to 5:30pm and ride at 6:30pm after Labor Day. Changes will be indicated for special events.

Where do I park?
A lot of people drive in for Slow Roll, so getting there early may be an advantage. We try and make sure there are nearby parking options, which is pretty much anywhere in Detroit. There is an abundance of parking lots for you to choose from. BE SMART, THIS IS A CITY, DO NOT LEAVE THINGS IN YOUR CAR. Especially things of value. A lot of people like to park at the Motor City or MGM Casino and ride to our start point, this is great idea from any major lot, but if you plan to hang out after, be sure to ask what time the lots close. When parking in the street pay your meters, the tickets are $45. IF PARKED ILLEGALLY EXPECT TO BE TICKETED OR TOWED.

How long is the Slow Roll season?
We ride from May through October, but don’t worry we will have other events in the off season as well. 

Who Gets My Personal Information?
No one. We do not share members’ personal information with any third parties.

Non-Profit Status

Are you a non-profit organization?
Yes. Detroit Bike City, Inc. was formed as a non-profit in early 2014 when it became clear that Slow Roll was more than just a bike ride. It is a vehicle for positive change in many ways: we promote and provide education about healthy lifestyles and alternative transportation; we connect people from across the region to explore Detroit together – helping to eliminate the barriers decades of mistrust and disinvestment have created. Together we are building a better Detroit and a better region. We are developing community in every sense of the word. We do good.

Are you a 501(c)(3) organization?
Yes. You can find our most recent IRS Form 990 here

Who Governs Detroit Bike City, Inc.?
Currently a two-person Board of Directors governs Detroit Bike City, Inc.
The Board is comprised of:
Mike MacKool - Vice-Chair // Co-Founder of Slow Roll & Detroit Bike City, Inc.
Jeff Herron - Chairman of the Board

Who Owns Detroit Bike City, Inc.?
No one.  The Board is charged with governing the organization, but there is no private ownership – there are no shareholders, for instance.

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