Want to start a Slow Roll in your City? Hit us up and we can help get you started.

Slow Roll is trademarked and organized by Detroit Bike City, inc. The concept, codes, brand and all intellectual property are protected under United States trademark laws. Please do not start a Slow Roll in your city without the expressed consent of Detroit Bike City. We want this movement to grow and would love to see a Slow Roll in your city, so when contacting us about starting a Slow Roll please keep these things in mind and include as much information when contacting us:
1. Am I Qualified? Are you involved with group cycling in your city? Can you lead and organize anywhere between 10 and 3,000 people? If you just want to start a Slow Roll but have no experience with group rides, basic bike mechanics or event production, please refer to someone who does. After all, having a team in place is one of the most important things to become a successful and impactful Slow Roll. Our #SQUAD is what makes this work, and you will need one too.
2. Will it work in my City? You know your town better than us, and we rely on you to know what will work and what wont. Are group rides allowed in your city? Do you have to anticipate getting permits? Will you be causing a problem between motorists, police or local government? Can you successfully create routes that not only show off your city, but also proves to be safe and convenient for everyone on the road. Will you be stopped in the future if you grow to be thousands of people strong? These are important issues that have to be considered before starting a group ride in your town.
3. Liability. When hosting an unregistered and free ride, the full responsibility rests on the individual riders. But it is up to you to provide a safe environment and make sure that people ride responsibly. The liability of Slow Rolls in other cities can not fall back on Detroit and we will be making up contracts with organizers to make sure we can all be protected.
4. Code of Conduct. Make sure you know and understand the Code of Conduct, because it is up to you to get the message out. We promote self responsibility and count on individuals to look out for themselves, we do this by educating our riders with safe practices to the best of our ability.
5. Dues. Slow Roll is a free ride and aims to build community through riding bikes together, we have found it to be one of the best ways to get people together. The organizing of Slow Roll takes a lot of time, a whole lot of time and sometimes a lot of money as well. We want the organizers and leaders of the Global Slow Roll community to have the same opportunities that we have created for ourselves here in Detroit, and give the ability to raise revenue for supporting the ride and giving your time to a great cause. It takes a bit of resourcefulness to make sure that you can be compensated for hard work, whether its your business that can ultimately benefit or yourself/team or a non profit / community organization. Through booking with bars/restaurants, taking donations and selling merchandise, there is an opportunity for income, and we want to help you get there. We will be writing up licensing contracts for Slow Roll so that you can use and benefit from the name, brand and concept; in return we will be asking for dues based off of growth, time and volume. We are very easy to work with, so please do not be discouraged, but we do have to set standards and make it so we can offer as much support to each Slow Roll as possible, and that takes an infrastructure that needs to grow.

Thank you and we hope to get you going soon!

**Due to an overwhelming response (yay) please allow up to 2 weeks for a response and please do not make any major plans until we have communicated. A lot of cities have had multiple inquiries and we have to make sure we work with the best qualified and to connect everyone together. Lots of moving pieces and an amazing outpour of support. THANK YOU. 

***Even if we are unable to start a Slow Roll with you, we appreciate your passion and commitment to your community, and we encourage you to start your own rides. All it took for us was 2 people and a passion for bringing people together, you would be surprised what you and your friends can dream up together.

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